Wij richten regelmatig cursussen voor kerkelijke administratie in.

De data van de volgende cursussen zijn:

in het Nederlands op 1 en 15 februari 2020

in het Frans op 25 april en 16 mei 2020

Folder in het Nederlands: Cursus kerkelijke adminstraite

Dépliant en français: Formation à l’administration d’église


English course in church administration

In this course we offer a practical toolbox to those who lead or support a church community in the city of Antwerpen: pastors, responsibles, administrators, etc.

In only five days, we will work through a whole host of topics :

  • the church and Belgian law
  • how Belgium works as a country (federal/regional/communal level) + how this relates towards your local church community
  • the protestant-evangelical culture (identity + functioning)
  • the Flemish culture: identity, sensitivities, unspoken expectations, good practices, etc.
  • church history and ecclesiastical landscape
  • non-profitorganisations and finances: expectations, principles and regulations, functioning
  • your church community in Antwerpen: useful contacts, do’s and dont’s, specific regulations/expectations
  • the importance of documents and paperwork: from cleaning attestations of your heating system to judicial notifications

The course will be in English, but will also help you get familiar with the relevant Dutch vocabulary.
Dates: 4 and 18 february, 3, 17 and 31 march 2020
Contact : wm@fedsyn.be
0495/63 59 54 (also WhatsApp)